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About Sir Trevor James

Sir Trevor James is a Chicago BURBS-based producer/audio engineer. Starting to DJ at the age of 15 he fell for a passion for music and started performing at a few clubs like Medusa, Virgin Hotels, and small parties, high school & colleges. It was when he went to Columbia College and transferred to SAE Institute was when he fell in love with rap production and movie production. Led him to start making sounds for small short indie films as well as freelancing at different studios all over Chicago. Moving forward Trevor expanded into making music for programs like FOX, ESPN & more. Wanting more, he started to throw and sell out shows that he personally coordinated, which you should totally come to. While also having a degree in audio engineering, he currently does live sound & music production for cooperates like Abbvie, David Michael Productions, Stonecutter Records & more. Sir Trevor James's current focus is to help underground artists and independent artists reach their potential while collaborating with them not by himself but with a team.


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