Coffee Vs. Pre-Workout

This post isn't just about what's better for working out, but instead about simply waking up!

Let's start from the beginning!

I highly suggest not taking these if you have an addiction problem simply because these both can become very addictive without even knowing! When your body is pulling energy rather it be from glucose, stored fat, or even protein in the morning. This feel draining because you don't have much of these nutrients waking up.

IF YOU AREN'T WORKING OUT DO NOT TAKE PRE-WORKOUT! Creatine and caffeine modify the adenosine triphosphate cycle in beneficial ways for exercise. So if you're just trying to wake up, run with coffee because you don't want pre-workout messing your insides up for a "wake-up" call.

So Which is better?

As stated in my previous, coffee is overall a good base all around to whereas pre-workout has hyped additives. I've always questioned which works better specifically for working out and I have found coffee to be a better alternative for me because I don't get overly hyped and feel like I'm drugged up!

(Controversial, I know) However, doing a little research and more so testing my personal experiences truly comes down to how your body reacts. When I state coffee, I'm talking natural coffee(not your creamed mocha-looking drinks). As for Pre-workout, I'm talking about your normal creatine additives.

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