Common Mixing Mistakes and Tricks

Updated: Feb 11

So I don't want to make this long and I don't want to spill all my tricks (You can find this on my YouTube after the 22nd!)

1.) Compression

A lot of people think you can't use two compressors on a vocal track. YOU'RE WRONG. If you simply use one for color, with a slow attack, you obtain more consistency while controlling the dynamic ratio. While adding another compressor, with a fast attack, you can control the peaks (Please don't limit or soft clipper your vocals. It's bad for your health.)

2.) Panning Vocals

Panning is actually very important. Think about a music mix as if it were 3 different types of dimensions. You have your left and right (stereo field), front to back (depth), and top to bottom(frequency content). With that being said, let's just focus on the stereo field. When you have vocal dubs or ad-libs, think about how to improve sharing that audio without interfering with the main audio. Send it to your mixer and make a pan left and right! (This can be done if you have a splitter as well) Leave room to breathe and hear EVERYTHING.


A really common problem I see with start-up engineers, that can be very problematic, is they always want things as loud as possible (hence, the loudness war - which is finally over). By trying to achieve this, I see a lot of people try to EQ up or >1to2+dB's... just stop, it's bad for your health. Obtain the loudness later and understand that EQ is more so used to take out frequencies versus adding (Not saying it don't add, just don't go overboard).

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