Feeling Lost?

Don't you worry, it actually a part of human nature. If you ever get stuck and lose motivation, here are some tips and tricks I've learned that help me and some of my peers get back on track.

1.) Mentor

If you don't have one I HIGHLY suggest finding one, my main mentor is Noah Shebib. Anytime I get stuck I find his production tracks, as well as informational interviews and workflow processes, give me ideas. How do I take away from my learnings and apply them to the real world you may ask? Simple, by keeping it simple. Oftentimes people think of big projects or productions as an overall whole. Break it down step by step as if you were learning a language, you don't immediately jump into learning the slang and big words. No, in fact, you start with the alphabet.

2.) Peers

They say the people you surround yourself with have an impact on the lifestyle and society around you. So take away from this understanding for times like now when you are stuck. Not every human being loses inspiration at the same time but instead, it's like seasons. Use your friends, co-workers, or even classmates to your advantage by having conversations that don't hash over the idea that you are stuck but instead shed light on new learnings and ideas. This is a brain refresher that you can learn about in neurology. It's not hashing out for the help but instead training your brain to keep consistent work progress. This step is very recommended for those of you in your late 25's+.

3.) Youtube/Internet

The internet is a hub for finding new people and new learnings. The best part about it is it's completely free. A lot of people tend to lean away from learning from others unless they are already a hit star in whatever it is they are trying to learn. This comes from the human nature of people wanting to flock where the majority of people are. Nothing is wrong with this but stepping outside of that "zone" could help you figure out different and new ways of learning. For example, instead of watching the news to get your information, read articles, blogs, even web finding interviews where you can take your learning and apply them to your daily life cycle. The way you live is up to you and I don't persuade you to go and do what you are uncomfortable with, however doing so will allow you to break out of the ego shell and learn more about not only things around you, but even yourself.

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