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Updated: Feb 11

Kenny & I have teamed up to not only give you guys monthly content, but now weekly beat releases!

This is our promotion video! I wanted to show a little bit of the process from a cool point of view. For those of you who are interested in the first person studio films, like the intro to this video, be sure to subscribe below for special content, as that will only be shared through there.

What Type of beats Will You Be Releasing?

I will be doing all kinds of "types of beats". Keep in mind I have a style and do not have any intentions on creating a new one nor copying others. I also do exclusive licensing deals. Please contact Kenny for further information!

This The Process

  1. Main Melody

2. Hi-Hats (Finger Played)

3. Kick and Clap in 4/4

4. Main Drum Patterns with Loop/Sample Cuts.

5. 808!!!

6. Guitar Splicing/ Sampling FT. Max Viner (Already has reverb and Distortion)

7. Samples*

8. Arp /Pluck Melody Loop. (It's weird because arp does not normal play a whole "melody")

9. ***I forgot to record the little future bass synth wave sounds in the chorus section but this is the final production with a little additions.

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